County Wide Shopper's Guide is now bringing you a totally new dimension in advertising and it’s free to our loyal advertising customers and shoppers; a second Shoppers Guide for the beautiful Texas Coast in the same great publication and still no extra cost to you!! This allows you to shop both the Texas Hill Country as well as our beautiful Texas Coast!! All you have to do is flip the County Wide Shoppers Guide over to the back cover, which becomes the front cover and,

Welcome to Sea Side Shoppers Guide!


This is our way of saying “Thank you” to all our loyal advertising friends and readers by providing access to the same valuable information along the beautiful Texas Coast. It also brings our customers additional choices. You can choose to advertise in either side of the shoppers guide or possibly even switch sides for specific issues. We welcome you to contact us for more details.

Enjoy! You Deserve It!

Ed Kirby


The Sea Side Shoppers Guide will cover the following areas: Port Lavaca, Magnolia Beach, Indianola, Alamo Beach, Port O’Connor, Seadrift, Tivoli, Austwell, Holiday Beach, Fulton, Rockport, Port Aransas and the areas in between. It will be distributed throughout these areas as well as throughout the Hill Country wherever County Wide Shoppers Guide is distributed.